Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brief Update and Requests

Dear friends and partners in the Gospel,

Latest Update (9-7-2011)
Just heard from Volodia that Zechariah is at home now. When they took him to the intensive care unit with their newer equipment, they redid all the tests and found that he was fine. The only problem is that he was on medicine that he did not need for 10 days. Volodia and Oksana are praising the Lord, and we are too. Thank all of you for your concern and prayers. The doctors said he would probably recover much sooner at home.

When Jerry got to the airport Monday afternoon to leave for Siberia, he called Volodia one last time to check up on Zechariah. They moved him to an intensive care unit in the hospital and decided to redo the tests they had done before. The tests on his kidneys came back normal, so that is very good news. The other part of the hospital where Zechariah was has old equipment, and so the tests were not accurate. He is still in serious condition, but the good news is that his kidneys are not failing. Please continue to pray for Volodia, Oksana and Zechariah to have strength and God's grace throughout this ordeal. They know that many people around the world are praying for them. Thank you for your faithfulness and love - Kellie

Original Post:
I am sending out this brief update on our friends in Ternopil, Volodia and Oksana, and their son, Zechariah. Volodia informed me that Zechariah has taken a turn for the worse. Apparently his kidneys are starting to fail. I have no additional information because Volodia could only speak briefly. So please continue to keep the family in your prayers: Zechariah for healing if God wills. His parents for strength and hope in God's wisdom, love, and sovereignty. Oksana has not left his side since this ordeal began over two weeks ago--and she is exhausted beyond measure. Pray especially that God would be glorified and that the Gospel will advance through all this. They have already told me of situations where they have been able to speak about their faith in Christ.

Pray also for me as I leave today to participate in a biblical counseling training module in Kemerovo, Siberia. Please pray for safety as we fly tonight and strength as begin teaching tomorrow morning with little rest.

For the Gospel in the Russian-speaking world,

Jerry Benge

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